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Udapa changes shifts and implements new hygiene measures to alleviate the health crisis

The constant increase in orders from customers, as well as the mission to keep the groups closed to avoid possible cross-contamination between the staff of the different shifts, has led the cooperative to create different groups composed of 25 workers each. This has been carried out with Udapa’s own personnel, the services provided by 13 people from Paturpat’s staff, and with the hiring of another 15 people. In addition, a special shift has been created, made up of the directors of the different departments, to work on Sundays in order to better deal with the orders placed by customers during the week.
In addition, to prevent contagion, 100% of the staff have been provided with masks, and a strict Hygiene and Disinfection Plan has been put in place whereby, on each shift, the floors, bathrooms, tables and chairs in the common areas will be disinfected; the taps, door handles, switches and soap dispensers in the changing rooms; as well as all the railings in the facilities. Furthermore, “these cleaning and disinfection tasks will always take priority over any other task”, points out Claudia Salve, Udapa’s industrial director.