Social spirit

and cooperative

People, local product and sustainability

The social character provided by our cooperative DNA makes us to always keep in mind every decision we make to society, to the production of surroundings and to the care of the environment, without forgetting the quality and innovation of the product.


A company is only worth as much as its people

From the very beginning, our human team's involvement and commitment to the cooperative has been the fundamental pillar to its success. That’s why it’s vital that we look after our people, their health and their well-being and help them improve both personally and professionally.

Potatoes straight from the source with quality guaranteed

Since its creation, Udapa has strived for the complete integration of local farmers in the cooperative, and as a result of these efforts, fresh potatoes were the first product to be sold featuring the Eusko Label (1993) and Euskal Baserri (2011) stamps.

In addition, in 2008 we were named as seed potato producers, and we began multiplying seeds for our partners and collaborators.

This commitment to local farmers continues to this day, and nowadays it is demonstrated by a large investment in new facilities in order to be able to store more locally grown produce.

Looking after our surroundings is our raison d’être

In our line of work, protecting the environment is essential. That’s why we choose local produce and we sustainably grow our crops using controlled production techniques and systems based on good agricultural practices. We boast compliance with ISO 14001, Global GAP certification, we were the first company in Spain to calculate our carbon footprint and we have won various European awards thanks to our waste management.

Quality and control, leaving nothing to chance

Quality and excellence are part of our DNA, as we are also looking to manage our cooperative in an ethical and responsible manner.

From the moment products enter our facilities, we ensure their full traceability though strict work procedures that are highly automated and which process a large amount of data. As a result, we have been BRC-certified since 2008, ensuring the quality and safety of food.


Access to Udapa's Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Policy

Over 25 years nurturing innovation

We innovate each day to keep improving the quality of our products and processes, and, most of all, to achieve a production that is beneficial and respectful to the environment. We also incorporate Industry 4.0 technology in all of our means of production.

People come first

Our commitment to local production helps create jobs and keep people living in our towns, and by doing so, we reinvest in the local area. What’s more, our business doesn’t put profit above all else, no matter the cost - we always adhere to a strict ethical code in order to reinforce this commitment.

Fighting to build a better world

We are aware of what is going on outside of our immediate surroundings and of the great inequalities that exist, and we strive to make the world a more fair and equal place. That’s why we collaborate on a wide range of assistance and development projects that are being carried out in various countries.