We are a unique

cooperative project.


Udapa is a cooperative formed by farmers, business managers and workers that enthusiastically share a common goal. Udapa was established in 1993 with the goal of innovating, improving and professionalising production processes, the handling and sale of fresh potatoes, and to this day we continue working with the same purpose and enthusiasm.

Having farmers on board with this project allows us to be in direct contact with the product at the source, which helps us reach even the most ambitious standards of quality, specialisation and diversification.

As we are a cooperative, a commitment to the economic and social development of our surrounding area runs through our veins.

udapa cooperativa

Our history


A unique cooperative project is created
The union between Propaco (an agricultural cooperative), Proagral (associated work cooperative) and Laboral Kutxa (a credit cooperative) leads to the creation of Udapa, a cooperative project that aims to professionalise the production processes and sale of fresh potatoes.


Eusko Label, origin and quality guarantee
Months later, we start selling potatoes from the Álava region featuring the Eusko Label, a seal that guarantees the product’s superior origin and quality.


ISO 9001
Udapa becomes the first Spanish company selling potatoes to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, which guarantees that we have a quality management system in place.


New facilities in Arriudina
Udapa opens its new facilities with traceability control systems.


Seed potato
Udapa is recognized as an Official Multiplier Entity of Certified Seed Potato..


New facilities in Paduleta
The cooperative builds a new plant, which enhances its manufacturing capacity and processes automation.

2010, 2011, 2012

Recognition for our environmental work
In 2010, Udapa receives the Award for Socially Responsible Cooperatives; in 2011, the Award for Good Environmental Practices; and in 2012, the European Environment Award.


Euskal Baserri
The cooperative begins commercializing potatoes with the Euskal Baserri seal, a brand that guarantees the origin of the product.


Carbon footprint calculation
Udapa is the first company in Spain to calculate its carbon footprint in order to find out the exact amount of greenhouse gases emitted both directly and indirectly by the cooperative, and to try to reduce it.


Formation of Paturpat
After painstaking research by our in-house team and with the support of some of the leading technology centres in the food sector, Paturpat is created as a way to meet new and developing consumer trends.


Ready-prepared potatoes on the shelves
Paturpat launches a range of ready-to-eat vacuum-packed products in supermarkets made from different cuts of steamed potatoes.


Innovation award
At the end of the year, Paturpat receives the Lanzadera Award from Fruit Attraction, the most prestigious fruit and vegetable trade show in Spain, awarded to the best innovation and entrepreneurship project in the fruit and vegetable sector.


IFS certification achieved
After undergoing a rigorous assessment of our fulfilment of food safety standards, Paturpat achieves IFS certification with an excellent grade thanks to our self-monitoring, the quality of our facilities and the amazing work done by our committed team.


New storage facilities
At the beginning of September, our new reception, calibration and storage facilities are unveiled. These facilities, with a floor space of 14,000 m2 and which boast Industry 4.0 technology, have enough refrigeration space to store more than 15,000 tonnes of potatoes, doing away with the need for post-harvest treatment and helping achieve our goal to boost production in the surrounding area.


Udapa fácil
A new brand is created, under which we sell convenient, tasty, fast and easy-to-use food products.