Sustainable Development

SDGs and CSR as a goal

Udapa is a social economy enterprise, and therefore the cooperative is carrying our several initiatives that have already contributed and will continue to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR) is an efficient and transparent communication tool that gathers the main information on the social, economic and environmental performance of our cooperative.


Investments in creating job posts in the field and surrounding area.

Growing potatoes through integrated, sustainable and healthy production.

Participation in programmes raising awareness of the importance of a balanced diet, and innovation in healthy products.

Male and female representation in all levels of the organisation.

Water purification system and R+D project in collaboration with technology centres on reducing water consumption in farming.

Energy efficiency plan.

Plan for training and educating workers, and distributing the Social Fund amongst them.

Creation of Paturpat and its ready-prepared products.

Active participation in development projects in the Congo in collaboration with the NGO Alboan.

Participation in campaigns to promote healthy consumption, and waste management plan.

Annual calculation of carbon footprint and commitment to local supply.

Sourcing raw materials that comply with Global GAP and integrated production standards.

Active participation in the Alianza Alavesa por el Desarrollo Sostenible 2030 (Álava Partnership for Sustainable Development 2030).