Finca ensayo proyecto Urezpapa

Udapa is leading the UREZPAPA project which consists of optimizing the use of irrigation water in potato cultivation

The UREZPAPA innovation and cooperation project, which is led by Udapa, seeks to optimize the use of irrigation water in potato cultivation in Alava using precision irrigation techniques. In the coming months, a pilot test will be carried out incorporating the tools that will allow us to confirm that precision irrigation techniques optimize water use and can improve productivity by 5% using the same amount of water as in the current irrigation shifts.

To this end, monitoring probes have just been placed in the plots belonging to two Udapa partners where the tests will be carried out. One of these land has total water availability, so precision tools will be used to adjust irrigation to the optimal time for the crop and to carry out different irrigation strategies. The other plot, on the other hand, is subject to the irrigation turns established by the Irrigation Community, so it will be possible to compare different irrigation systems, estimating the efficiency of precision irrigation in potato production.

The project, in which UAGA, NEIKER and the Garlan cooperative are also participating, is part of the 2019 call for proposals of the Basque Government’s Cooperation Programme, which promotes cooperation between different agents in the sector in order to advance the competitiveness of the rural environment through innovation.

*You can consult all the information and progress of the project in the specific section of the UREZPAPA project on the UAGA website.