Finca de patata Beltza

Udapa will carry out an agronomic and commercial acceptance study on the ‘Beltza’ potato variety created by NEIKER under the collaboration agreement signed by both parties. The cooperative has received 600kg of ‘Beltza’ potato seed from NEIKER and has sown it on one of its estates to carry out an agronomic assessment. The crop obtained, estimated at 8.000kg, will be used to carry out a commercial acceptance study in which Udapa will market the ‘Beltza’ potato through its clients. The results of this pilot test will help the cooperative to assess the production and marketing of the ‘Beltza’ variety in the future. The agreement was endorsed by Leire Barañano, NEIKER’s general manager; and Alfonso Sáenz de Cámara, Udapa’s general manager.

In 2019 NEIKER registered the new purple variety ‘Beltza’ in the European Register of Protected Varieties. This variety has a high content of antioxidant compounds, which provides health benefits. It is also of high quality for use in the catering industry due to its special characteristics in terms of pulp colouring, as well as for use in the pre-prepared and pre-cooked convenience food ranges.

“At Udapa we are delighted to participate in the multiplication of this new variety, using the knowledge of our technicians and farmers,” says Saenz de Camara. “Furthermore, this agronomic study will help us to strengthen our commitment to local produce and to continue to give added value to potato by selling new products that are perfectly adapted to the demands of today’s consumers”.

The creation of the new variety shows the commitment of both NEIKER and Udapa to innovate one of the star products of Alava’s agriculture.