potatoes from Alava

Udapa starts a new season of potatoes from Alava

Udapa is already immersed in the potato harvesting campaign in Alava, so from next week it will be able to supply its customers with Eusko Label and Euskal Baserri references. This year, the cooperative’s product catalog also has a new feature, as it will be selling potatoes of the Agria variety in 2.5kg paper bags under the reference “Special for Frying“.

“Once again we are very excited about the start of the new season because the Alava potato is part of our identity. In the cooperative we take great care over the entire production process and when it comes to making these references we only work with the varieties that provide us with the best flavour and nutritional quality. At the same time, we want consumers not to forget that the Eusko Label and Euskal Baserri labels certify that the potatoes are of Alava origin and that they are obtained under environmentally friendly production”, affirms Alfonso Sáenz de Cámara, Managing Director of Udapa.

It will be in the spring of 2021 when the cooperative will bring this season to a close so in the meantime it hopes to continue to count on the trust that its clients have always placed in these products so that consumers can continue to enjoy this product that is so much ours.